Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness is a priority for the residents and staff of Anmore. Considering our limited accessibility routes and distance from major centres of emergency support, it is important for our community to be prepared in the event of a significant crisis.

The Village of Anmore has an Emergency Planning Committee that meets regularly to discuss the needs of our community.  The committee is comprised of key individuals who will be vital to the execution of a plan should it be necessary. Click here to view the Emergency Planning Committee’s Terms of Reference.

Do you have special equipment, skills or resources that would be helpful to our community in the event of an emergency?

Please submit a Community Emergency Capacity Inventory to the Village Hall.

Are there any members of your household who may require special care in the event of a community emergency? (i.e. mobility concerns, special needs or health issues)

Please submit a Emergency Planning Functional Needs Identification to the Village Hall.

Are you and your family prepared in the event of an emergency?

Take some time to review the links and resources below so that your family can be prepared. Understand that in the event of a significant emergency your family may need to fend for themselves for a period of days. Knowledge and planning goes a long way to keeping your family safe!