Buntzen Puma Road Closure and Update

Buntzen Lake Notice

The Buntzen PUMA road is currently closed due to unsafe winter driving conditions. Crews are currently working on snow clearing, but the PUMA road will remain closed until travel is deemed safe by onsite staff. It is difficult to predict when/if we will open it today.

Trails are currently open as the snow is light and hasn’t created a hazard tree risk at this point. Trails will be monitored and closed if there is an identified safety risk to the public.

We are asking the public not to park in the front entrance entry loop and not to walk on the entry road. The PUMA can be accessed on foot via the Pumphouse Road and Floating Bridge Trail.

As always, please advise workers and contractors traveling through the PUMA to leave the entrance and exit gates as they find them (i.e locked and closed or locked open, dependent upon how the gates are when they arrive) so that we can ensure that the public isn’t driving on the road.

Thanks everyone,

Josh Hlookoff
Buntzen Lake Public Use Management Area
5000 Sunnyside Road, Anmore, BC V3H 4Z4
Phone 604 469-9679