Anmore South Phase 1 Community Engagement

Community Engagement Phase 1: Completed March-April 2021

The Anmore South OCP & RGS Amendment Community Engagement  Summary Report was presented at a Special Council Meeting on April 27, 2021. At the meeting, Council deferred its decision on the proposed amendment to the Anmore South land use designation. This means that the amendment is not going forward at this time. Instead, in response to community input, there will be further review and discussion about how it could be developed. Council directed staff to initiate further assessment of the financial and servicing impacts of three different development models: one-acre lots, 1/3 acre lots (which are both permitted within the current Official Community Plan) and an alternative model with housing options that are not currently permitted.

Community Engagement Materials

The phase 1 community engagement included a number of tactics to collect input. For the workshops, input was collected on Zoom’s whiteboard and through individual feedback forms. A community survey was used for the open house and general community input, and residents submitted correspondence through letters and emails.  The Discussion Guide developed for the Phase 1 Community Engagement outlines Anmore Council’s proposal for an Urban designation for Anmore South in the OCP and Regional Growth Strategy. It provides context for why it’s important to make this amendment now, what the process involves and how an Urban designation helps to keep control in the hands of the Anmore community along with offering the most options for the future. Please click on the links below to view community input materials.

Community Survey Responses

April 7, 2021 Workshop 1: Feedback Forms and Whiteboard Notes

April 7, 2021 Workshop 2: Feedback Forms and Whiteboard Notes

April 8, 2021 Workshop: Feedback Forms and Whiteboard Notes (Please note, the Feedback Form for this workshop was shared on Facebook so includes input from more than just the workshop participants)

April 12, 2021 Workshop: Feedback Forms and Whiteboard Notes

April 14, 2021 Workshop: Feedback Forms and Whiteboard Notes

April 15, 2021 Workshop: Feedback Forms and Whiteboard Notes

April 19, 2021 Workshop: Feedback Forms and Whiteboard Notes



Addressing Misconceptions

There are a number of misconceptions about the proposed Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment that need to be addressed so that residents are equipped with accurate information when providing input.

  • This process is not about zoning or any specific development.
  • This process does not relate in any way to the previous development application – which has been withdrawn.
  • This area is not a park or green belt. In the past, it has been used as a gun range and extensively cleared.

An Urban designation does not automatically mean increased density and large commercial buildings. For more information regarding Urban, Rural and Semi-Rural myths, please see page 2 of the Discussion Guide.

Addressing Opportunity and Potential

An OCP designation is different than zoning. It provides a vision for what can happen – but doesn’t define anything specific in terms of what might be built there. Further community engagement will be required before development related to the OCP and zoning can even be considered. This isn’t the time to look at limitations – it’s the time to expand opportunities. It’s about envisioning what Anmore’s future might look like and considering the best designation to keep options open. The key is that Anmore would have the ability to define its future.

The process we are undertaking now will look at how the Anmore South designation can open up options and give control to Anmore residents instead of surrounding municipalities. When looking at residential designation options for Anmore South, the only viable options available are Urban or Rural. Council is recommending an Urban designation for Anmore South as it gives Anmore residents the broadest options in the future, including the ability to use Metro Vancouver utilities, like frequent transit connections.

An Urban designation does not mean high density and towers. In fact, the current RS-1 zoning could remain as is with an Urban designation. The key is it keeps options open,
unlike a Rural designation, which is extremely prescriptive and restrictive, and does not allow Anmore to be self-sufficient and self-guiding.

Alignment with Anmore’s Strategic Plan

Anmore’s Vision in its 2019-2022 Strategic Plan is to be “an independent and fiscally responsible community that values the environment, a social conscience, quality of life and being close to nature.”

Anmore South holds the potential to help achieve many of the Strategic Plan’s goals and priorities that were established to help achieve this vision, including supporting a more sustainable financial future by diversifying the tax base and reducing reliance on property taxes, and keeping options open for more sustainable housing. For more information on the potential for Anmore South in alignment with Anmore’s Strategic Plan, please see page 4 of the Discussion Guide.


How this affects Anmore Residents

Changing the designation:

  • Allows the Anmore community to control its own future.
  • Supports options for a more sustainable financial future.
  • Provides options to reduce reliance on residential property taxes.
  • Creates opportunities to diversify.