Oh no… there’s a bear in my backyard!

Oh no… there’s a bear in my backyard!

We are lucky to be living in such a picturesque, wooded area but encounters with wildlife are not a matter of if, but when.

*Only use bird feeders in winter time
*Keep garbage in house, garage or shed until 5:30 am on collection day
*Store organic waste in your freezer to eliminate odour and attractants from
your green cart until collection day
*Prune and manage fruit trees, including removing ripe and fallen fruit daily
*Store pet food indoors and keep pet dishes inside


Please click HERE to review our Anmore Solid Waste Management Bylaw (strictly enforced).

If you see a bear, or any form of wildlife that poses a safety risk to themselves or the public contact: 

Click HERE to be directed to our Wildlife Conservation information webpage; or click on the image below to download our ‘Be Bear Aware’ information sheet.