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Top row: Councillor Kim Trowbridge, Councillor Paul Weverink
Bottom row: Councillor Ryan Froese, Mayor John McEwen, Councillor Ann-Marie Thiele

Term: 2014-2018

Statement of Financial Disclosures (2018)

Council is required by the Financial Disclosure Act to file, annually, a statement to disclose assets, liabilities and sources of income. The Village is required to make these statements available to the public during regular office hours.

Please click on the names below to review their 2018 Statements of Financial Disclosure:

Mayor John McEwen
Councillor Ryan Froese
Councillor Ann-Marie Thiele
Councillor Kim Trowbridge
Councillor Paul Weverink

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John McEwen

John McEwen

Mayor of Anmore

Establishing a long term vision and strategic plan for the Village of Anmore has been a priority for Council. As all of you who know Anmore well, the community is ever changing and it is imperative to have the Corporate Strategic Plan in place in order to stay attentive to the community’s wants and desires and to preserve Anmore as a vibrant semi-rural community in the heart of Metro Vancouver.

John McEwen, Mayor

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