Emergency Notifications

Sign up with Alertable to receive notifications during emergencies on your preferred device.

Don’t miss critical alerts from the Village of Anmore – stay informed and prepared with Alertable, now available for our community. With Alertable, you’ll receive timely notifications to help you stay aware and plan ahead during emergencies.

Download the FREE Alertable app for free on your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or smart speaker. Sign up to receive notifications via email, text (SMS), or phone call – choose the option or combination that works best for you. To see all the sign up options, visit our Alertable page.


Receiving Alertable Notifications

Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive alerts on your cellphone, home phone, or email about emergencies affecting Anmore, including:

  • Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods or wildfire
  • Events and incidents with the potential to escalate, such as when there is an evacuation alert being issued to prepare for a potential evacuation
  • Other emergencies with significant impact potential

Alerts may include important information such as evacuation orders, emergency support locations, and additional details about threats to public safety.

Personalize Your Settings

After downloading the app, follow the in-app instructions to set up your preferences for critical alerts and advisory alerts. Critical alerts are issued for extremely severe events that may require immediate action. Advisory Alerts are issued so the public is aware and can prepare for an event. In addition, critical alerts may come to app users as a push notification that overrides the ‘silent mode’ setting on a cell phone or other device, depending on the settings selected by each user. To adjust your settings later, simply open the app and select ‘Settings’ to personalize your alerts and sounds according to your preferences.

Stay connected and stay safe with Alertable – your trusted public alerting system for the Village of Anmore!

Learn more by reading Alertable’s FAQ’s.

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