Official Notices

Under provincial legislation, including the Local Government Act and The Community Charter, the Village is required to issue official notices to the community. As an example, the Village issues official notices as part of the Public Hearing Process. There are also other miscellaneous notices posted as needed.

Public Hearing Notices

There are no Public Hearings scheduled at this time.

Rezoning without Public Hearing Notices

In 2023, the Local Government Act, as part of the Province’s Homes for People Action Plan, was updated to either permit or exempt certain residential rezoning applications from public hearings. For these specific rezoning applications that do not require public hearings, public notice obligations, such as publishing and mailing rezoning notices, will still need to be fulfilled before the first reading of the rezoning bylaw.

Anmore Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 700-2024 – 1065 Uplands Drive

General Notices

There are no official notices at this time.