Adopt a Street Program

The Village of Anmore’s Adopt a Street program is a cooperative effort between community volunteers and the Village to help maintain litter-free public sidewalks and walkways. The Village welcomes residents and organizations like schools, local non-profits and businesses to participate in the program.

A commitment to responsible participation is important to achieving our objective of clean, safe and attractive streets. This overview sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Village and of participants in Anmore’s Adopt a Street program. To apply for the program, please complete the Adopt A Street Registration Form.

The Village agrees to do the following:

  • Supply operating supplies (e.g. litter bags, gloves, safety vests and litter pickers)
  • Arrange for the removal and disposal of litter and related materials gathered by participants from the designated street.
  • Furnish and install Adopt a Street signs, at the beginning of the road section that recognize either individual names or the name of the participating organization. Participants can also choose to remain anonymous.

The Village reserves the right to reject any requested names on the signs that may cause concern for the public or may cause damage to Anmore’s image. No company logos will be permitted on the signs.

Participants agree to do the following:

  • Review and be familiar with the Safety Guide provided by the Village, and attend any orientation or training sessions arranged by the Village.
  • Remove litter from a designated section of a Village road at least once a month (although more frequently is encouraged), for at a minimum period of one year, during daylight hours. Participants also provide the Village with either a written or electronic record reporting their efforts after each session.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and use equipment, tools and materials provided by the Village.
  • Take precautions to ensure the safety and health of participants. Any injuries or loss/damage to property must be promptly reported to the Village with as much detail as possible. This includes the name of the injured person, the volunteer (if different), and any witnesses or other people involved. You must report if first aid was performed or if transportation to a clinic or hospital was required, and let the Village know what the mode of transportation was (e.g.: taxi, ambulance or other vehicle). The Village also requires the time, date and nature of the injury/damage/loss, as well as traffic and weather conditions.
  • Avoid touching or direct contact with potentially hazardous or unhealthy items found during clean up sessions, such as syringes, needles, condoms or animal parts. Participants should promptly report such items, along with other objects that appear hazardous or could present difficulties in removing due to size, weight or other conditions.
  • Notify the Village if you discontinue or withdraw from participating in the program and return non-disposable equipment, tools and materials to the Village.
  • Groups must designate a liaison to manage records, act as a contact between the Village and volunteers, orient and train new volunteers, and take steps to ensure all volunteers are familiar with the Adopt A Street Program Overview and Safety Guide. Liaisons must also notify the Village of any additional volunteers and provide completed Risk, Waiver and Indemnity Agreements for each participant.
  • The liaison distributes equipment, tools and materials provided by the Village to participants. The liaison is also responsible for supervising volunteers under 19, including ensuring these volunteers are wearing appropriate clothing and conducting themselves safely while participating in the Adopt a Street program.

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