Anmore’s Greenway Strategy

Anmore’s Greenway Strategy was adopted in October 2020 and provides a vision for cooperative stewardship of the natural greenways in the community. It is designed to connect people to nature and to each other by way of integrated park and trail systems, as well as to preserve wildlife habitats. The Greenway Strategy includes attainable goals along with a realistic, cost-effective implementation program.

To support the achieving the goals, the Village will:

  • Work towards an extensive, interconnected network of protective natural lands for environmental conservation and protection, recreation and eco-tourism, community health and wellness purposes;
  • Endorse development of land acquisition strategies for additional trail network systems as greenways are linkages of natural land by way of incentives for land and financial donations;
  • Ensure that all new development respects and encompasses the natural landscape and local ecology and, to extent possible, advances the vision of the Greenways Strategy; and
  • Promote neighborhood Greenways development in new and existing neighborhoods to help link up the village-wide Greenways systems and incentivize property owners to lease or provide easements such as naming sections of trails

As part of implementing the strategy, the Village will, in appropriate circumstances, secure and protect lands for Greenways, using administrative and regulatory measures such as:

  • purchasing or designating significant natural areas;
  • promoting private dedications and donations;
  • creating supporting policies and regulations through bylaw;
  • securing environmental or green space conservation covenants;
  • negotiating statutory right of ways and easements;
  • encouraging amenity contributions at the time of rezoning;
  • establishing stewardship partnerships, and;
  • supporting community Greenway initiatives.

For more details, please see the Greenway Strategy Policy No. 65.