Building in Anmore

Before you Begin your Construction/Renovation

The homeowner is responsible for ensuring that all all permits and forms are fully completed and on file with the Village of Anmore, and that any construction or renovation project is in compliance with the Village of Anmore bylaws. Click on the options below to access all Building Department related permits, forms and bylaws:

Know that ALL trades working on your construction project must have a valid business licence to work in the Village of Anmore. Business licence applications can be found HERE.

Please ensure that your contractor has portable sanitary facilities on site if no facilities are available.

Development Updates

There are a variety of developments that may be underway in the community. Check Development Updates for an overview of these projects.

Coach House Requirements Guide

There are a number of factors that may impact the viability and the size of a coach house that is permitted on a property. Please review the Coach House Guide for details.

Calling for an Inspection

The Municipality does all inspections except for electrical and gas inspections.
Please contact the Village Office with a minimum one business day notice to schedule building or plumbing inspections.

  • General (Municipal) Inspections:  To request an inspection; call 604-469-9877
  • Electrical and/or Gas Inspections: Contact Technical Safety BC (formerly BC Safety Authority)
Scott Beck
Building and Plumbing Official
Availability: 8:30am – 4:00pm on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Construction Noise – be a good neighbour

We are part of a semi-rural residential neighbourhood, please be considerate of your neighbours.

By bylaw no construction sound is permitted:
  • Weekdays (Monday through Friday), before 7:00 a.m. and after 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturdays, before 9:00am and after 4:00pm
  • Sundays and Holidays* at any time.

*Holidays means New Year’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, British Columbia Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Construction Noise is defined in our Noise Control Bylaw as follows:

“Construction Noise means noise from commercial construction, specifically the erection, demolition, construction, reconstruction, alteration or repair of any building and the construction or installation of subdivision infrastructure including heavy equipment and trucks.”
Bylaws are listed in alphabetical order and can be viewed HERE

Soil Deposit Permits

If you require soil to be placed on your property, you will require a Soil Deposit Permit (available from Village Hall). The cost of the permit is $100.00 and permits are valid for 90 days. You will also be required to deposit a $5,000 bond with the Village, in the form of either a letter of credit or cash. Your bond will be returned to you upon completion of the deposit of soil and a subsequent inspection by Municipal Staff to determine that there has been no damage to municipal property. If you require a soil deposit permit to place soil on your septic field, your permit fees maybe waived, pending confirmation from the Health Unit that soil is required. You are still required to apply for this permit.

Municipal Water and Water Meters

If you are needing to connect to the water system, the request for a water meter will be included as part of your building permit. Our municipal water service is managed by our Public Works department. Allow 2-3 weeks for the meter to be installed.

After you are connected to the water system we will issue you an invoice prorating the fees for the remainder of the year. Water is billed to residents twice per year (spring and fall) as part of the municipality’s utility taxes. For more information on water rates visit our Utility Charges page.

Driveway Culverts

If you are required to install a driveway culvert you will be required to arrange for a Driveway Access Permit Application.

Tree Removal

All tree removals are subject to the Village of Anmore Tree Management Bylaw. Bylaws are listed in alphabetical order and can be viewed HERE. If you are wanting to clear your property for building purposes, or if you are wanting to cut down ANY TREE, you will be required to have a Tree Removal Application. The Village of Anmore must be advised of any tree removals by way of a permit, even if the removal is compliant with the allowance set by the municipal bylaws. The bylaw explains what constitutes a ‘tree’ and what is permitted to be removed.  If the bylaws are breached, the fine is $1,000 per tree.  Any trees deemed dead or dangerous can be removed ONLY if deemed so in writing by a certified arborist, and upon subsequent approval of the Village of Anmore.

Builder Advisory: Energy Step Code Implementation


The Provincial Government mandate for Building Code Changes to Enable 20% better energy efficiency and provide an opt-in Zero Carbon Step Code (formerly known as the Carbon Pollution Standard) was passed and signed by the Minister of Housing effective May 01, 2023.

In summary, this means Part 3 building must comply to minimum level 2 step code, while Part 9 buildings must comply to minimum level 3 step code with certified energy advisor reports to be submitted with all building permit applications.

Please review the information links below to better assist you with understanding this process. For more detailed information related to these new energy efficiency changes, please contact Building and Safety Standards Branch by email or visit Website:

Energy Efficiency – Province of British Columbia (

BC Energy Step Code requirements | Energy Step Code

May 1, 2023-present

Code requirements
Summary Part 3 buildings
  • Introduces the Zero Carbon Step Code, an opt-in building carbon pollution standard for operational carbon.
  • Introduces modified TEUI targets for office and retail occupancies.
Summary Part 9 buildings
  • Introduces the Zero Carbon Step Code, an opt-in building carbon pollution standard for operational carbon
  • Introduces a prescriptive option for Step 3, Part 9 buildings if a local government passes an enabling bylaw
  • More airtightness testing options
  • New energy performance improvement compliance calculations

Builder Advisory: Asbestos Abatement Licensing and Certification

WorkSafeBC is implementing mandatory training, certification, and licensing for asbestos abatement work in relation to buildings, to help keep workers safe from the danger of asbestos. As of January 1, 2024, asbestos abatement contractors must be licensed to operate in British Columbia, and anyone performing asbestos abatement work must complete mandatory safety training and obtain certificates.

Learn more:


Builder Advisory: BC Codes 2024

The BC Codes 2024 will come into effect on March 8, 2024, and will apply to building permits applied for on or after that date. Buildings with permits in place under the BC Codes 2018 will generally not be affected by the new BC Codes.

The effective date for the new adaptable dwellings and earthquake design changes will be deferred to March 10, 2025, to allow additional engagement and sufficient training to enable low or no-cost design solutions.

This measured approach aims to balance accessibility and housing supply priorities and considers human rights, equity for all people, accessibility engagement feedback, product availability and affordability, and moderate-to-minimal impacts for industry.