Public Hearing Process

How to share input

All persons who deem themselves affected will be afforded an opportunity to be heard in person at the Public Hearing. Written comments will also be considered by Council if submitted in person or by mail to the Village Hall, or by email to the Corporate Officer.

Here are the Public Hearing protocols for speakers:

  • A three-minute time limit applies to each speaker, and a second opportunity will be provided after everyone has been given the chance to provide comments for the first time.
  • When speaking, remarks should relate only to the proposed amendment bylaw and not divert to other matters.
  • A written submission can be provided to be included in the record; however, it must be handed to staff prior to the conclusion of the Public Hearing.
  • Before the Public Hearing concludes, there will be call for speakers three times before concluding the Hearing. Once the Public Hearing is concluded, the Local Government Act requires that Council not accept any further input from the public relating to the proposed amendment bylaw prior to consideration of the next reading of the bylaw.

Public Hearing Process 

The Local Government Act requires that a Public Hearing be held before Council adopts an amendment to the Zoning Regulation Bylaw, an Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw.

A notice is sent to property owners and occupiers within a radius of 100 metres of the subject property. This notice must be sent out not less than three days before the Public Hearing, and not more than 10 days. In addition, a notice is posted at Anmore Village Hall and issued electronically by posting the notice on the Village of Anmore official Facebook site and by distributing the notice through the Village of Anmore email subscription notification.

At the Public Hearing, all persons who consider their interest in property affected by a proposed zoning or OCP Bylaw amendment, will be given an opportunity to present their views to Council. It is requested that speakers keep their comments to the subject of the proposed rezoning.

Did You Know?

  • At the Public Hearing, Council will not debate the merits of the proposed bylaw nor enter into dialogue with the public. There is no opportunity at the hearing to debate points-of-view expressed by other members of the public.
  • Presentations or submissions must be received by Council before the close of the Public Hearing. When the Public Hearing is closed, Council is not permitted to receive or consider any further submissions.
  • After the Public Hearing, Council will discuss, express opinions and vote on the third reading and adoption of the proposed bylaw amendments. If Council does not support the bylaw at third reading, the bylaw may be defeated or Council may postpone its decision until further information is received from staff. Council may only receive information from staff and the information may only address issues raised at the Public Hearing.
  • It is important to note and understand that Council has not made up its mind on the issue. While a Council member may have a position on an issue, they each come to the Public Hearing with an open mind, to listen to and hear from the public. You are being given the opportunity for Council to hear your views and opinions on the application.