Anmore Green Estates Sewer Project

Anmore Green Estates Sewer Project

The Anmore Green Estates (AGE) sewer connection is complete and all of the policy changes, required approvals from multiple levels of government and new bylaws are in place for the sewer connection for the 50 affected properties.

It is important to note that the Village does not own or maintain the sewer connection – it is owned by the AGE Strata, which will be responsible for all related service costs, including the construction and ongoing fees. The sewer service is provided through the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District (GVS&DD), and the City of Port Moody is providing the sewer infrastructure connection to the GVS&DD regional system for discharge of effluent.

School District 43 is also part of the agreements for the sewer project as the sewer connection infrastructure runs along a right-of-way on School District property.


The Anmore Green Estates (AGE) sewer project involved a comprehensive process to allow for a sewer connection for the AGE strata properties to replace their existing septic system.

Because the Village of Anmore does not provide sewer connections for other properties and has not been a member of the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District (GVS&DD), a number of legislative requirements had to be met before the project could move forward. As part of its responsibilities, the Village has completed the following key legislative requirements:

  • Council approved updates to the Official Community Plan (OCP) to allow for connections to the GVS&DD in April 2019. Click HERE to view the Official Community Plan News Release.
  • Council has adopted three bylaws to support the sewer collection:
    • Local Area Service Bylaw No 616-2020 (February 2020), which provides the legal mechanism necessary for the Village to establish a sewer service as well as a means to recover annual sewer fees on behalf of Metro Vancouver and the City of Port Moody.
    • Local Area Service Bylaw No 616-2021 (February 2021), which relates to the AGE property owners’ acquisition of a School District 43 right of way to allow for completion and operation of the David Avenue regional sewer connection project, as well as the mechanism for the Village to collect a parcel tax for this use of land from AGE property owners on behalf of the School District.
    • Local Area Service Bylaw No. 673-2022 (May 2022), which enables the Village to provide and recover a $230,000 loan to the AGE Strata for

      construction costs.

  • The provincial government approved the Village’s application for membership to the GVS&DD through an Order in Council in June 2020.
  • The Metro Vancouver Board reviewed and approved the Village’s application for membership in July 2020. As part of its confirmed membership in the GVS&DD, the Village is also obliged to adopt the Metro Vancouver Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP) as its own. This LWMP has been approved by the Minister of Environment, subject to Metro Vancouver meeting a number of conditions, which they are well on their way to completing by the end of 2020.

AGE Project Updates

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AGE Town Hall – June 20, 2019

To help inform the community and answer questions about the project, the Village hosted an AGE Sewer Project Update Town Hall meeting. Please click on the links below to view the presentation boards and a summary of the questions and comments shared at the meeting.

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More information to be posted as it becomes available.