Spirit Park

Spirit Park is available for rental by Anmore residents and landowners (only) per the Anmore Community Spirit Park Policy No. 39.  Park rental includes exclusive use of the gazebo and picnic tables.  The playground would remain available for use by all public.  A parking permit, if required for your event, may be obtainable from village hall.

The rental cost is $200 per day, however some Anmore community-based organizations may be exempt.  A $500 damage/clean-up deposit is required by all user groups.

Users are required to clean the area afterwards and to ensure that there is no damage to the park facilities. This includes the washroom facilities (a key is provided from Village Hall).  The park and washrooms will be inspected by staff after the event.

Noise must be kept to a manageable level and compliant with our Noise Control Bylaw No. 517-2011; and use must be compliant with rules and regulations of our  RCMP Coquitlam rural detachment.

To book Spirit Park download a copy of the Spirit Park Rental Application Form .  For more information email village.hall@anmore.com.

Liability Insurance is required. The Village of Anmore requires that a Certificate of Insurance be provided for each community group booking. The liability insurance is required (2 weeks prior to the requested date) in order to secure the Council Chambers reservation. The Certificate of Insurance requirement is $2M Liability insurance, listing the Village of Anmore as “Additional Insured” and must include a full description (group name, date, hours, and location) of the event, along with the contact person responsible for the booking. The certificate must be provided a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the event

Gazebo in Winter

Picnic Facilities

Gazebo in Summer


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