Village of Anmore Council Chambers

NOTE:  Given the current stage of the BC Restart Plan, use of Council Chambers will be considered for our local community groups. Applicants must complete the Council Chambers Booking Request form HERE, review the liability insurance/rental requirements and submit their application HERE for review.

In addition to our requirements of use of the space, the additional protocols include:

  • Following all current public health orders (including wearing a mask)
  • Additional cleaning regimes which includes wiping down all surfaces at the end of your event (chairs, desks, door knobs, counters, etc.)
  • We recommend maintaining physical distancing

The Village Hall Council Chambers (west trailer) is available for community use and may be rented by Anmore residents and property owners only.

The Council Chambers are available:
  • Monday through Friday, after 4:00pm
  • Saturdays & Sundays

Note: Priority for this room must be given for Village business (e.g. Council & Committee meetings). Village business is typically conducted Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. 

Council Chambers maximum occupancy is  100  people:  

  • Maximum capacity is 100 people
  • Theatre set-up (chairs only) suitable up to 90 people
  • Meeting tables only suitable between 30 people
  • Tables for sit down events must be rented by applicant
  • Meeting chairs suitable up to approximately 70-80 people
  • Meeting space is reduced to the South side of Council Chambers only to accomodate our audio/video meeting equipment

Council Chambers bookings include the following:

  • Use of tables & chairs (per the above maximum capacities noted)
  • Complimentary WIFI
  • (2) washrooms
  • Use of mini-kitchen (sink and countertop only)
  • Presentation screen (no projector or computer is available for use)
  • Use of coffee machine
  • Door key for after-hours access (available for pick up one (1) business day prior to event)
  • Large garbage bins may be provided upon advance request

A damage deposit of $100-$500 (depending on type of use) is required by all facility users when using the Council Chambers.

Important: It is suggested that user groups pay close attention at the room set up upon their arrival (taking photos is recommended) and must return the Council Chambers to its original set up, or a nominal fee for staff time will apply. Liability Insurance is required. The Village of Anmore requires that a Certificate of Insurance be provided for each community group booking. The liability insurance is required (2 weeks prior to the requested date) in order to secure the Council Chambers reservation.  

Insurance requirement: $2M Liability insurance listing the Village of Anmore as an “Additional Insured”
Please note: The Certificate of Insurance must include a full description (group name, date, hours and location) of the event (Village of Anmore Council Chambers at 2697 Sunnyside Road, Anmore, BC V3H 5G9), and contact person for the booking. The certificate must be provided a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the event.

For more information regarding the Council Chambers multi-function room contact