Dog Leash Community

Anmore is proud to be a pet-friendly community!  But, as with all things, having a pet comes with a community responsibility and a need to respect your neighbours.

Please familiarize yourself with our Dog Control Bylaw No. 270-2000.

If you have a dog:
  • All dogs 6 months of age and older must be have a dog licence (to be renewed each year).  To apply for a dog licence click here or visit Village Hall. Lost dog licence tags will need to be replaced at the Village Hall at a cost of $10.
  • All dogs are required to be on a leash.  Pets are not permitted to run loose through parks, school ground or property’s other than your own.
  • All pet feces must be picked up, removed by the owner and placed in the proper waste receptacle.  Pet feces should be placed in a bag and deposited in the garbage – pet feces can NOT go in the green waste/organics container.
  • Pet owners must ensure pets refrain from persistent barking and/or howling.
  • Keep pet food inside to detract wild animals.

Licensing your dog with the Village of Anmore, allows us to assist in reconnecting you with your lost pet.  If you find a lost dog with an Anmore dog tag, contact the Village Hall so that we can help identify the owner.