Invasive Plants

Knotweed and other invasive plants are invading our community, taking over our natural
environment and destroying animal habitats. Some of these plants can even be harmful to
people. Invasive plants are non-native species that have been introduced into our environment.
Once introduced, they grow quickly and spread rapidly, overwhelming and displacing native
plants and damaging property. And since they are non-native, they have no natural enemies to
keep them in check.

The Village of Anmore works with the Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver to complete
an Invasive Plant Management Report each year to review how invasive plants are
controlled and monitored in Anmore. They also work to remove invasive plants on municipal

It’s also very important for homeowners to take steps to minimize the impact of invasive plants
in our community, but it’s essential that the removal be done correctly.

A few key things to help protect our community’s parks and natural spaces:

  • Do not plant invasive species in yards and gardens.
  • When removing invasive plants, use proper disposal methods. For more information, see Metro Vancouver’s Invasive Species guidelines.
  • Consider hiring a qualified contract to treat invasive plants on your property.

Commonly Found Invasive Plant Species

Here are some invasive plants commonly found in the region that should be removed before
they spread:

Tips for Selecting Qualified Contractors

There are multiple treatment methods available to deal with invasive plants. A good contractor will be aware of options and make recommendations. No matter what method or contractor is used, dealing with invasive plants requires persistence. Many invasive plant infestations, especially knotweed, will require a few rounds of treatments, possibly over many years, before it is eradicated.

The Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver (ISCMV) suggests that you consider the

following questions to help evaluate companies to manage invasive plants on your property.

  • Do you have experience dealing with invasive plants?
  • Will you provide a free estimate and come to verify the identification of my plant?
  • Are you licensed to work in my municipality?
  • What methods will you use and when will I start to see plant damage/death?
  • Do you and your staff have the appropriate licences and permits to apply herbicide?
  • Does your price include follow-up visits and monitoring or just the initial treatment?
  • What is your success rate?
  • Can you provide a list of references who can verify your work?
  • How soon can you send someone?

For more tips and resources from ISCMV, visit, email or call 604-880-8358. ISCMV information brochures are also available at the Village Hall.