Public Parking & Residential Decals

Public Parking Restrictions

Parking is not permitted on side streets near Buntzen Lake along Sunnyside Road. Parking is also not permitted on any boulevard or pathway/walkway within Anmore at any time during the year. As well, Anmore’s zoning and business licence bylaws do not permit the use of private land to sell parking. This type of parking impedes emergency response, blocks driveways, causes a nuisance for area residents and poses other safety concerns as the properties do not have properly prepared parking surfaces.

During the high traffic months in the summer, Anmore will have the following measures in place on weekends:

  • Additional bylaw enforcement to deal with illegal parking
  • Towing patrols
  • Sign boards at both Village entrance points to communicate when the lake is at capacity

To provide Anmore residents with dedicated parking areas in the community and options for additional public parking for events or other temporary circumstances, the Village of Anmore has two programs: Resident Vehicle Decals and Temporary Parking Permits.

To report illegal parking, email the Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Joe Nicholas.

Anmore Resident Vehicle Decals

Anmore is issuing Resident Vehicle Decals to allow residents to park in designated residential parking areas. Please place decal on the front windshield of vehicle for easy visibility.

Designated residential parking will be noted with parking signs and are assigned to the following areas:

  • Half of available parking on Elementary Road
  • Parking spaces on Sunnyside Road between Alder and Ludlow

The vehicle decals will also identify Anmore residents so that they continue to have full access to Anmore roads when traffic management crews are directing vehicles away from congested areas.

To apply for Resident Vehicle Decals:

  • Email decal requests to
  • Include the following information in the email:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Anmore street address
    • Vehicle make
    • Vehicle model
    • Vehicle licence number

The Village will issue a decal for each vehicle registered to an Anmore household.

Please note: This is not a parking pass for all street parking and it is only for the designated residential parking areas in Anmore.

Temporary Parking Permits

Anmore’s Temporary Parking Permit provides a short-term solution for residents who require additional parking for the duration of a temporary circumstance or event. To apply for a Temporary Parking Permit, complete the Application Form and submit it to

Criteria for Temporary Parking Permits

  • Permits are available to residents and their guests who require parking affected by parking restrictions as per Anmore Parking Regulations and Enforcement Bylaw No. 308-2001 and Anmore Highway Regulation Bylaw No. 586-2018.
  • An application must be submitted to the Village Municipal Office no less than five (5) business days prior to issuance.
  • The permit application is subject to a site review by the Bylaw Enforcement Officer.
  • Payment of $25.00 must be received prior to issuance as per Anmore Fees & Charges Bylaw
  • Vehicles are not to obstruct sidewalks, pathways, driveways or fire hydrants.
  • Permits must be visible on the vehicle’s dashboard at all times.
  • The applicant is responsible to ensure that all vehicles are parked within the areas identified by the Bylaw Enforcement Officer or further action may result to ensure compliance.