Business Licences

Who needs a Village of Anmore Business Licence?

Any person planning to operate a business or any form of commercial activity, must possess a valid business licence to work within the Village of Anmore.

Applying for a Business Licence 

Village Hall access: We are open to the public, regular office hours

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How to apply for a NEW Business Licence

STEP 1: Please ensure that the location of your intended business has the appropriate zoning. You can determine the zoning by referencing our Zoning Bylaw Map and GIS Map. When you have determined the zoning of your intended business, you may check the Zoning Bylaw to determine the uses permitted on the property. When you click on the above links, please allow a few seconds for the documents to load.

STEP 2: View the Anmore Fees and Charges Bylaw to see what the fee will be to obtain your business licence. The business licence fee is based on a calendar year (January to December). Please note that the annual licence fee prescribed in the schedule will be reduced by one-half for a licence that is issued after July 1st in any year.

STEP 3: The business owner must complete the Business Licence Application Form, date and sign. You must submit your Business Licence Application Form and application fee in person (during regular office hours). View our Contact Us page to view our address, general email address, phone number and office hours. These documents, accompanied by a copy of all necessary certificates from federal, provincial or municipal government authorities, are then reviewed by Village of Anmore staff. You may be contacted for further documentation or to schedule an inspection from our Bylaw Enforcement Officer if required.

STEP 4: Upon Business Licence approval, applicants are then responsible for an Annual Business Licence Fee. Licencing and Regulating of Business classifications can be found within the Village of Anmore Business Licencing Bylaw No. 263-1999.

How to renew your Anmore Business Licence

All business licences expire on December 31st and must be renewed annually. A renewal notice will be mailed to business owners the first week of January each year. To renew a business licence, business owners are encouraged to mail a cheque payable to Village of Anmore including the bottom portion of their renewal notice to our municipal office address or renew in person during regular business hours. It is important to check that the business information on record is accurate and up-to-date.