Property Taxes

Property taxes are billed to all provincial residents once per year, and are payable by residents to their respective municipality. Property taxes are distributed in late May/early June and are due the beginning of July. If you haven’t received your property tax invoice or if you have any questions about how to claim your Home Owner Grant contact Village Hall.

Claiming your Home Owner Grant (HOG)

Home owner grant applications must be submitted directly to the provincial government. You can no longer apply through the Village. For more information about when and how to submit your home owner grant application, click HERE.

Would you like to learn more about property assessments?

BC Assessment provides property owners with a variety of communications resources including webpages, infographics, and short videos. Please click on the desired link/links provided (highlighted) below.

Webpages (infographics included):

Property Assessments and Property Taxes: A not-so complicated relationship (This explains how property assessments and property taxes work, including some useful infographics)

The Property Tax Equation (This explains how assessed values and property tax rates are calculated for property taxes, including ‘Your Property Assessment Relative to Your Property Taxes’ infographic)

How BC Assessment works (This explains how properties are assessed, including ‘How Land Use Affects Market Value’ infographic)


Your property value change and property taxes

Understanding Property Assessments & Property Taxes

How are property taxes calculated?

How are taxes calculated if assessment values change?

To contact BC Assessment, click here.

Property Tax Deferment Program

B.C. Ministry of Finance Property Tax Deferment Program  

Eligible BC residents can apply online HERE. The new, secure online application will lead to reduced application review and approval. Residential property owners can now apply for property tax deferment on their principal residence online, quickly and easily. For the first time, owners can choose to auto renew their application.

Click HERE to view the Information Bulletin.

BC municipalities are no longer responsible for the property tax deferment program.
Property owners will still be required to make outstanding utility payments to the municipality.

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