Anmore South Infrastructure Financial Analysis

In response to community input in the first phase of community engagement on the future of the Anmore South lands, Council directed staff to initiate further assessment of the financial and servicing impacts of different development models. The Anmore South Infrastructure Financial Analysis was received by Council on November 23, 2021.

A virtual open house being was held via zoom on December 6, 2021 to provide an opportunity for residents to connect directly with the experts at ISL Engineering and GP Rollo & Associates to ask questions about their analysis.

Open House Q&As: For a summary of the questions and answers raised as part of the virtual Open House for the Anmore South Infrastructure Financial Analysis report, please see the Q&A Summary. Our thanks go to the residents who submitted questions and to ISL Engineering and GP Rollo and Associates for their expertise and participation, both at the open house and assisting with these Q&As.

For an overview of the report, see the Anmore South Infrastructure and Financial Report Highlights. 

The full report provides an important resource for assessing how different types of development would affect the Village from the perspective of infrastructure management and financial sustainability, regulations and related approval requirements, where developable areas could be located and what forest areas would be most appropriate for dedicated land that is provided to the Village.

The Anmore South Infrastructure Financial Analysis report submitted by ISL Engineering provides assessments for two development scenarios: both under a Rural designation. There will also be an assessment of the infrastructure and financial impacts for a third scenario under an Urban designation; however, with the recent letter of intent from the landowner, icona, regarding a proposal coming forward at the end of November, ISL has recommended waiting until the specific application is submitted to complete the analysis as this will allow for an assessment based on actual data rather than theoretical. The Anmore South Infrastructure Financial Analysis report is focused on the infrastructure requirements to provide servicing in the two development models along with the financial implications for those costs based on current Village bylaws, policies and regulations. The studies also include considerations for potential forest areas for dedicated land and Community Amenity Contributions (CAC), which are payments to the Village based on the increased value of the land due to rezoning. It is important to emphasize that the scenarios are models only and do not in any way reflect an actual development proposal.

For more details, please see the full report: Anmore South Infrastructure Financial Analysis