Wildfire Information

BC’s forests and wildlands have approximately 2,000 wildfires occurring each year. Prevention is key to keeping our lands beautiful and safe.

Wildfire prevention is a shared responsibility. Visit the BC Provincial Wildfire Management website for more information.


Per our Fire Prevention Bylaw No.578-2018, a permit is required for all campfires. Persons in violation of this bylaw face a large fine. Click here to apply for a campfire permit.

Fire Restrictions in Anmore

To find out if there is a fire ban in Anmore please contact Village Hall or check the News webpage. Information on fire bans through BC can be found on the BC Fire Bans and Restrictions website.

When there is an Extreme Fire Rating, there are additional restrictions as follows:

  • All cooking appliances are banned in public parks, public spaces and unimproved areas. Prohibited activities and devices include: any open fire for personal warmth or cooking; portable wood burning devices; tiki torches; and sky lanterns. The ban also applies to CSA- or UL-rated cooking stoves that utilize propane or charcoal briquettes, or portable campfire devices that utilize charcoal briquettes, or liquid or gaseous fuels.
  • All high-risk hot works activity is banned. This includes such things as chain saws, grass cutting, flail mowing, tree removal and land clearing.
  • Allowances may be made on a case-by-case basis provided that an approved fire safety plan is in place.
  • Residents are encouraged to avoid yard work that has the potential to produce sparks.

The Fire Chief also recommends the following:

  • Residents and landscaping companies should avoid any yard work that could result in sparks – including grass mowing.
  • If your lawn is brown do not cut it.
  • If your lawn is green and irrigated you can cut it provided that it is not up against bushes or a forested area.
  • Prior to cutting your lawn, wet down the areas on the perimeter and keep a charged hose nearby.
  • Have an ABC extinguisher on hand in case your power equipment catches on fire.

The main cause of fires from lawn cutting is sparks from when the blades strike objects. Anyone who causes a fire during an Extreme rating may be held liable for the damages. These strict measures are needed because the entire village is considered a Wildland Interface Zone, and we are at a higher risk. While this is not a requirement under a bylaw, we encourage our residents to follow these recommendations to help keep our community safe.

Brush Burning

Per our Fire Prevention Bylaw No. 281-2000, outdoor burning of any items, other than in a permitted personal use campfire, is strictly prohibited and is subject to a fine.

BC Firesmart

Please view the Firesmart Homeowners manual.