2020 Construction Projects

Anmore is completing several community improvement projects over the next couple of months as part of ongoing maintenance.

Big Savings on Project Costs

The final tender came in at $1.1 million ($500,000 less than anticipated). We also received an additional $570,000 grant from TransLink to help pay for the projects.  This means the final cost to taxpayers is well under half of the projected budget for these community improvements.

Projects Scheduled for 2020:

  • Culverts are being replaced to ensure adequate capacity when storms hit
  • Sheltered and illuminated bus stops are being installed to improve resident safety
  • Sidewalks are being upgraded and widened to reduce root heaving and to remove tripping hazards and help us more effectively clear snow in the winter
  • Pavement is being rehabilitated on lower Sunnyside Road for better driving conditions and to reduce required maintenance
  • Removal of an old wooden pedestrian bridge to expand bus stop area
  • Installation of backflow prevention devices to protect water quality

For the location of each project and information on the estimated completion time, click HERE for the Construction Schedule Map.