Trail Improvements

We have made substantial improvements to a number of trails throughout the Village. The standard width for several trails has been increased, which is conveniently providing physical distancing space, and trail drainage has been improved to prevent future water damage. More details on the various trail renovations can be found below.

Multi-Use Pathway Project

The paved pathway is designed for a mix of uses, including cycling, rollerblading, strollers, wheelchairs and pedestrian access. The multi-use pathway also helps with connectivity to the Village’s existing trail systems, which supports its Greenway Strategy. As of 2023, our current multi-use pathway ends at Sunnyside Road and East Road. In 2024, the project will include a phase to extend the path on Sunnyside Road from Summerwood Lane to Alder Avenue.

Construction of the new pathway will include infill of existing roadside ditches with storm sewers, curbs along the path, retaining walls, restoration of landscaping and greenspaces along the path, along with line painting. The long-term plan is to provide multi-use pathway to the border of Anmore and Port Moody.


2024 Construction

The Village of Anmore has been awarded a $500,000 BC Active Transportation Grant to extend the multi-use pathway along Sunnyside Road. The provincial grants were announced in 2023 by the Honourable Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. Click HERE to learn more about the grant details. The current grand funding will support construction of a new segment of the pathway on Sunnyside Road beginning on February 16, 2024.

Here’s what to expect for this phase of the project:

  • Construction will be carried out on the eastbound/northbound side of Sunnyside Road from Summerwood Lane to Alder Avenue.
  • There will be access for local traffic, but one lane will be closed. There may be periodic traffic delays, but the goal is to minimize inconvenience to residents and businesses while ensuring safe working conditions.
  • The bus stops in the area will be relocated temporarily 70 meters west of the closure area to facilitate continual transit service.
  • Garbage and recycling services will continue as usual along the route.
  • The message board on Sunnyside Road has reached its end of life and will be permanently removed.

For any concerns or further information, please feel free to contact Lafarge Canada Inc. at 604-521-8811.

Michael Rosen Trail

  • Widened and resurfaced the trail to make it more accessible
  • Installed a picnic table
  • Cleared away brush to widen up the park area

Pinnacle Trail

  • Widened and resurfaced the trail to make it more accessible
  • Cleaned up drainage to prevent water damage on the trail
  • Cleared away brush and opened up the entrance to the trail

Ravenswood to Elementary Street

  • Widened and resurfaced the trail to make it more accessible – the trail is now ideal for strollers
  • Cleared away brush to provide more open space along the trail

Trail at Thompson

  • Widened the trail by cutting back brush

Spirit Park Entrance

  • Installed stairs to provide a new access point to Spirit Park
  • Cleared away bramble and weeds
  • Added top-soil and grass to entry area