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John McEwen

Mayor of Anmore

Establishing a long term vision anstrategic plan for the Village of Anmorhas been a priority for Council

The Corporate Strategic Plan originated in 2012 and Council continues the process with the development of the CorporatStrategic Plan for the next four years. ThiPlan clearly depicts the visions and goalof Council’s mandate for this term

One of the key elements of this Plan is threview and update of Anmores regulatorbylaws. Last year, the Ofcial CommunitPlan was completed and now it is time tupdate the Zoning, Works & Services anBuilding Bylaws just to name a few.

As all of you who know Anmore well, thcommunity is ever changing and it iimperative to have the Corporate StrategiPlan in place in order to stay attentive tthe community’s wants and desires and tpreserve Anmore as a vibrant semiruracommunity in the heart of MetrVancouver

On behalf of Council, I am pleased tpresent the 20152018 CorporatStrategic Plan

John McEwen, Mayor